Intensive Behavioral Intervention in Indiana

Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Intensive behavioral intervention (IBI) is a highly specialized, individualized program of instruction and behavioral intervention. IBI is similar to intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programming and is based on a functional, behavioral, and skills assessment of an individual’s treatment needs.

The primary goal of IBI is to reduce behavioral excesses, such as tantrums and acting out behaviors, and to increase or teach replacement behaviors that are socially valuable to the individual.

  • IBI programs are intensive with one-on-one direct services provided 20-30 hours per week with a paraprofessional.
  • A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or IBI Director develops, manages, and trains paraprofessional on the implementation of the programming.
  • Sessions are conducted in-home and/or in-center

Unfortunately, funding through the Waiver for this service is difficult to attain. If interested in this service, please discuss it with your waiver case manager.