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Indiana's Medicaid Waiver program began in 1981 to fund home and community based services as an alternative to institutionalized care. The purpose of the waiver program is to provide funding for home and community based services for children and adults with disabilities so they can remain in their homes or neighborhoods.

The waiver program is separate from traditional medicaid. If your child has been diagnosed with any developmental disability you can begin the enrollment process now. Some waiver programs have long wait lists, so applying early may be beneficial to your child in the future.

Life Strategies is an Indiana Medicaid Waiver provider. Life Strategies provides the following services:

Behavior Management
Intensive Behavioral Intervention
Psychological Services

Family Support Waiver

Formerly the Support Services Waiver, the FSW is designed to provide limited, non-residential supports to persons with developmental disabilities residing with their families, or in other settings with informal supports.

Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) Waiver

CIH is a combination of the Autism and the Developmental Disability Waivers and provides services that enable persons to remain in their homes or in community settings and assists transitions from institutions into community settings. This is a needs-based waiver and is designed to provide supports for persons to gain and maintain optimum levels of independence and community integration while allowing flexibility in the provision of those supports.

For more information on the FSW or CIH Waiver, please visit the Disability and Rehabilitative Services website.