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When to Screen for Autism

Don't wait to get help if you are worried that your child may be missing milestones. Obtaining an early diagnosis is important. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends "developmental surveillance should be a component of every preventive care visit." In addition, they state "Standardized developmental screening tools should be used when such surveillance identifies concerns about a child's development & for children who appear to be at low risk of a developmental disorder at the 9-, 18-, and 30-month visits."
Early Signs of Autism

Here are some helpful links that discuss early signs of autism:
Life Strategies is here for you. Our experts can begin providing therapy services to children as young as 18 months.

Why Early Intervention?

It has been routinely shown that intensive, early, and specialized intervention for children with autism is effective. It allows children to receive therapy at a younger age when the brain and cognitive systems are still formative. The earlier a child with autism receives therapy the better his or her outcome will be. For more information: