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Signs of Autism & Early Intervention

Here are some helpful links that discuss early signs of autism:

Early Intervention is Key
Research indicates that children who receive intensive ABA services experience significant improvement in learning, reasoning, communication, and adaptibility. Intensive ABA is defined as 25-40 hours per week for 1 to 3 years, usually beginning by age 4. If your child is older ABA is still effective and recommended. Life Strategies provides intensive ABA services to children as well as adolescents.

Blooming Potential Center

The Blooming Potential Autism & Learning Center is designed for children and adolescents with autism and other developmental delays who demonstrate communication, learning, and social difficulties. Our mission is to help children with autism bloom by acquiring the skills necessary to live fulfilling lives with their families, friends, and communities. The center is ideal to build necessary prerequisite skills necessary for school success. Children are instructed in a classroom setting and participate in group instruction to supplement school programs. Please click the link below for more information on our center.

Blooming Potential Brochure

ABA Programs

At Life Strategies we take great care in assisting children with autism to learn new skills. Each goal a child reaches builds confidence to continue the desire to learn and grow. We individualize each learning plan and work together with you to design an effective treatment plan that will help your child move forward. ABA programs can be provided in our center, your home, or at your child's school. Therapy is designed to improve communication, develop social skills, increase academic achievement, and address problematic behaviors. ABA programs are supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Programs are fun, interactive, and effective.